Dr. Sarah Edwards


Dr. Sarah Edwards was born and raised in Windsor, Ontario.  She graduated from Queen’s University in 2011 with a BScH in Life Sciences, specializing in microbiology and immunology research. She then received a certificate in Business Administration from the University of Windsor Odette School of Business, prior to attending the Ontario Veterinary College, where she completed her Doctor of Veterinary Medicine degree in 2016.

Dr. Sarah has special interest in veterinary ophthalmology, cardiology, general surgery, and public health. She has spent many of her summers traveling and volunteering, including participating in the Veterinarians Without Borders Summer Internship program in Laos, Southeast Asia.

She is an avid board game enthusiast and enjoys spending time with her family, playing and watching hockey (go wings go), and scuba diving as a PADI certified rescue diver.  She has a rescued “mexi-mutt” named Guillle, and an adopted Victorian Bulldog named Tank.