Veterinary Exam

A year of your life is equivalent to seven years in your dog’s life. A lot of changes can happen in one year, this is why they need at least one annual veterinary checkup. One yearly visit may not be enough for your pet if they have a health condition, if they are very young or considered a senior they will need at least two. Veterinary exams allow pet parents to find out how they can cater to the ever changing needs of their pets.

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What happens during a veterinary exam?

A veterinary exam begins with a regular physical screen. We check their bodies for any skin issues or growths. We also check their mobility, weight, breathing, eyesight and oral health as they can affect their health and quality of life. Our doctors will perform bloodwork to detect underlying illnesses. If our tests detect any problems we provide treatment and lifestyle adjustments to improve their condition. During the exam pet parents are asked questions about their pet’s behaviour, comfort, appetite and more. This is your chance to bring any concerns you have to the vet’s attention.

Why are veterinary exams important?

Routine veterinary exams keep your pet in good health. Your pet cannot tell you what’s going on with their health and most times it’s impossible for you to accurately diagnose them. A veterinary checkup is the most reliable way to detect and diagnose health problems. Other benefits of having veterinary exams are:

  1. Weight management
  2. Monitoring existing health problems
  3. Preventative health planning

To learn more about the benefits of veterinary exams, please reach out to us at 613-542-5552.

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