Vaccinations for Puppies and Dogs

As your pet’s guardian they rely on you to make important decisions for them. An essential part of your pet’s care is getting them vaccinated. Vaccines are created through years of research and testing to protect your pet from diseases. Vaccines are the first step to a healthy and long life for your loyal companion. Please call us at 613-542-5552 to learn more about our vaccination services for puppies and dogs.

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What are core and non-core vaccines?

Dogs are required by law to have certain vaccines. These vaccines are referred to as core vaccines. They are mandatory because they protect your pet from highly transmissible and deadly diseases. Without these vaccines your pet is at risk for infection which in some cases can spread to humans. Core vaccines for dogs include:

  1. Canine distemper
  2. Rabies
  3. Bordetella
  4.  Parvovirus
  5. Lyme*

*At Limestone City Animal Hospital, we include the Lyme vaccine as a core vaccine due to the KFLA region being endemic for Lyme disease.

Non-core vaccines are also important but they are pet-specific. We may recommend them for your pet if they have a higher risk of being exposed to certain diseases based on their lifestyle. Non-core vaccines include:

  1. Influenza
  2. Leptospirosis

When should puppies be vaccinated?

Even though your puppy gets antibodies from their mother’s milk, once they are weaned off they are susceptible to developing illnesses. For this reason puppies should begin vaccinations at 8 weeks, with a second set of vaccines at 12 weeks and a third at 16 weeks. 

Boosters are given based on how long the first shot is effective for. Our veterinarians will recommend boosters when your dog is due for one.

What can I expect when my pet is vaccinated?

Your pet may have some mild reactions to their vaccines. Some symptoms include fever, diarrhea, lethargy and soreness at the injection site. Your pet should be back to their normal self within 48 hours.

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