Nutrition Counselling

We know how much you care for your loyal companion and you 100% cater to all their needs including their food. To keep your pet in good health, the food they consume needs to provide them with nourishment and not just a good taste. It may be difficult to figure out what your pet’s nutritional needs are as they vary according to species and breed. In addition to this your pet may need specific food due to their age or a medical condition. There is so much to consider when choosing food for your pet. This is why our team offers nutrition counselling. Let us help you make the right decision about your loyal companion’s diet.

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What happens during nutritional counselling?

Nutritional counselling is a dietary checkup. It’s a chance for our veterinarian to examine your pet and determine if their diet is aiding their growth and health. We will ask about their eating schedule, any changes in their diet and identify any specific allergies your pet may have. We then create a special diet plan that suits their personal needs. We may recommend a new brand of food, supplements, scheduling meal times, adjusting portion sizes and much more! With this customized plan you’ll see your pet having more energy, less allergy symptoms, healthier hair and skin and reduced obesity – all of which contribute to a longer and happier life.

Can I feed my pet human food?

Yes, you can give your pet certain human foods, however there are certain foods that should be avoided. Some human foods can be lethal or cause allergic reactions in your pet. We always encourage our clients to consult with our veterinarians before introducing any new foods to their pets. To learn more about what human foods you can feed your pet, give us a call at 613-542-5552.

What should I feed my senior pet or kittens or puppies?

These pets are in a vulnerable stage of life. Their immune systems aren’t at peak performance, so they are susceptible to developing health conditions. To give them the extra support they are lacking, their food needs to have a lot of nutrients. Senior pets and kittens/puppies need foods made specifically for their age group. When shopping for food, look for products that are within their age range. You can also ask our veterinarians for recommendations.

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