Throughout the years, you’ve created a unique bond with your cherished pet. This makes it extremely hard to consider euthanasia. There is no easy way to say goodbye to a loved one. Euthanasia can be a very stressful and saddening experience for everyone in your family. When it’s time to say goodbye our hospital is here to help your loyal companion pass over the rainbow bridge. We empathize with all our clients facing this situation and offer our deepest condolences to your family. 

What is euthanasia like for pets?

Euthanasia is an act of mercy that helps your beloved pet pass on peacefully. If your pet is uneasy or unsettled we may administer a sedative before we give them the medication. An injection is given intravenously that puts them to sleep almost immediately. They don’t experience any pain or discomfort at any moment. This process takes only a few minutes to help your pet transition to the other side.

How do I know when to consider euthanasia for my pet?

This is a huge decision for you to make for your loyal companion. Our veterinarians offer support by explaining the process and providing all the options that are available to your pet. If all the options are unsuccessful to heal your pet or relieve their pain, then euthanasia is discussed. Because of the bond that you share with your pet you will notice the signs of their health diminishing. When your pet becomes withdrawn or no longer shows affection, they don’t eat, drink or relieve themselves without help, this means their quality of life is at its lowest and euthanasia may be the best option for them. 

Can I be with my pet during euthanasia?

Yes, pet parents are allowed to be with their cherished pets during euthanasia. You may also remain with your pet after for as long as you need to. Even if you decide not to be present our team is here to offer any form of support you may need.