Your pet’s skin is their largest organ so it is exposed to irritants, parasites and other elements that can cause problems. At our hospital we regularly treat issues relating to the skin, nails and fur. Our team of experts will perform all the necessary testing to diagnose your loyal companion and provide an effective treatment. We will help your pet look and feel like their normal self as soon as possible.

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What causes skin issues in pets?

There are many reasons why your pet may have developed a dermatological issue. The first factor to consider are parasites such as fleas, lice or ticks. Other causes of skin issues are dermatitis, yeast infection, ringworm, and skin tumours.

What are signs of dermatological issues in pets?

When your pet is experiencing skin problems you’ll most likely see them scratching or licking themselves. Other signs you may notice are bumps, lumps, dry skin, bald patches, rashes, shedding or body odour. If you notice any of these signs give us a call at 613-542-5552.

How are skin problems treated in pets?

At our hospital we treat skin issues with oral medications (antibiotics, antifungals, etc.), topical medications and in some cases prescription diets. Some treatments will be long-term lifestyle changes to manage issues like allergies or dermatitis. We also encourage our clients to stay away from DIYs on the internet as they may worsen symptoms or temporarily mask the signs. 

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