Bloodwork and other diagnostics are crucial when trying to understand your pet’s health. Animals cannot communicate why they are experiencing any symptom, so we perform blood tests to understand what’s happening internally. At our hospital, blood tests are performed by our registered veterinary technicians and are sent to our lab. Our team is trained and experienced at interpreting the results and finding ways to support your loyal companion’s health.

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Why does my pet need bloodwork done?

Your pet may need blood analysis for various reasons. Firstly, if your pet is experiencing any symptom such as fever, vomiting, diarrhea and weight loss a blood test can determine the cause. Another reason why your pet may need bloodwork done is due to their age. Older pets need more frequent blood tests to catch any illness they may develop due to age. 

Even healthy pets need routine testing every year as they may have underlying health issues. It is impossible to determine what’s happening inside your pet by only looking at their physical body. If your pet has a procedure that requires anesthesia our team will also run tests to determine their health status. We want to ensure the surgery will be successful and your pet can make a full recovery.

What does bloodwork detect?

Bloodwork helps us see your pet’s blood levels and how well their internal organs are functioning. By testing their blood we are able to determine the number of white blood cells and platelets, which helps them stay healthy. We can also see the levels of protein and glucose which tells us how well their organs are functioning. Some conditions that can be detected with bloodwork are: anemia, infections, bladder or kidney issues, diabetes and much more. To have your pet come in for a blood test, call 613-542-5552 to schedule an appointment.

Is bloodwork safe for pets?

Absolutely. It feels just like your pet getting a vaccine or any injection. Drawing blood takes only a matter of seconds to collect a sample which is taken from a vein on their neck or leg.

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